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Book review: “Windows 7: the missing manual” by David Pogue

Windows 7 the missing manualI regularly read David Pogue’s tech columns in the New York Times and even had a chance to exchange a few mails with him. However I had never read any book from the missing manual series that David created. It’s now a done thing with “Windows 7: the missing manual”.

What stroked me first was the casual tone of the writing. I’ve rarely seen a book about computers that is so easy to read. It actually feels like you’re having a conversation rather than concentrating on reading a technical book. What I liked a lot then were the very factual explanations. David clearly tells what is great about the system but he doesn’t hesitate to mention the things that could be better. In the end it feels he’s telling the truth and it makes the book even more interesting.


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Hello world!

Hi there.

I’ve been hesitating to create a blog on a variety of subjects for quite some time now but then here it is finally. I’ll primarily focus on some topics of interest to me among which:

  • web development,
  • photography.

I’d like this blog to be some kind of a cookbook and share recipes and thoughts with the community, so don’t hesitate to comment on the posts and add your own “home made sauce” to the meal ;-).


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